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Plan X is a foundational cyberwarfare program to develop platforms for the Department of Defense to plan for, conduct, and assess cyberwarfare in a manner similar to kinetic warfare. Toward this end the program will bridge cyber communities of interest from academe, to the defense industrial base, to the commercial tech industry, to user-experience experts.

Program Manager: Mr. Frank Pound


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Last updated: October 7, 2015

Raytheon BBN Technologies avro-golang-compiler This repository contains a modification of the Avro Java compiler to generate golang code that uses the Avro C bindings to actually parse serialized Avro containers. (Java, C, Golang) Data Formatting ALv2
Raytheon BBN Technologies avro-golang-compiler avro-golang-compiler is a fork of the Avro Java object compiler. It generates Golang code from Avro AVDL files that can be used to serialize/deserialize Avro objects. (Golang, Java) Data Serialization ALv2
Raytheon BBN Technologies poi-visio poi-visio is a Java library that loads Visio OOXML (vsdx) files and creates an in memory data structure that allows full access to the contents of the document. There is built-in support for easily traversing the content of the document in a structured way, and can render pages to simplified PNG files, or other backends supported by Java AWT. It is built using the Apache POI library which operates on other Microsoft OOXML documents (docx, pptx, xlsx). Currently the library only operates in read-only mode, but its design does not exclude being able to modify existing documents or creating new documents. (Java) Microsoft Office, Text Extraction ALv2
Raytheon BBN Technologies poi-visio-graph poi-visio-graph is a Java library that loads Visio OOXML (vsdx) files using the poi-visio library and creates an in-memory graph structure from the objects present on the page. Not only does it utilize user-specified connection points, but it performs analysis to infer logical visual connection points between the objects on each page. One possible use of this library is to create a Network diagram from a Visio document. (Java) Microsoft Office, Graph, Semantic Analysis ALv2
Domain-specific languages team Mistral Compiler Mistral is an experimental language and compiler for highly concurrent, distributed programming, with an emphasis on the specification and maintenance of a virtual overlay network and communication over that network. The current Mistral compiler supports the first generation of Mistral, so not all features we architected for the language are supported at present. This open source package includes our compiler and an interpreter. Use of Mistral for running programs on distributed systems requires a run-time system not included in this package. Thus this Mistral package allows only for experimentation with the language. Compiler BSD3
Galois, Inc.
UPD Oct 7th
Galua is an embeddable debugger for the Lua programming language. It makes it possible to inspect the execution of Lua scripts while a host program is executing without additional modifications to the host program. Galua achieves significant compatibility with the reference implementation by reusing standard Lua libraries and implementing the documented C API. Development, Testing, Visualization,, MIT
Galois, Inc. Galua The PolarBN library is a big number library for use in cryptographic applications. PolarBN is a Lua wrapper for the bignum library in PolarSSL. The wrapper is written in C, using the standard Lua headers. Compared to the two standard Lua big number libraries, PolarBN is substantially faster than lbc, and does not require openssl-dev, as does lbn. Library MIT